Are any of the group mud still alive?

What happened to Puddle of Mudd band?

Three of the songs from Abrasive were later re-recorded for the band's major-label debut Come Clean. Differences of opinion and other factors led to the break-up of the original Puddle of Mudd by early 1999, leaving Scantlin as the only original member.

Why did Mud split up?

RD: “The band's break up started in the late '70s when Les left to play Elvis in a stage show. The rest of us kept going for a while with a girl fronting the band but it didn't work.Dec 13, 2014

What happened to Mud and why?

The band decided to go separate ways in 1979. However, Les reformed the band as 'Les Gray's Mud' with a new lineup. This lasted on and off until 2004. The three remaining members were given permission by the other founding members of Mud, plus that of Gray's family, to continue using the band's name.Dec 22, 2020

image-Are any of the group mud still alive?
image-Are any of the group mud still alive?
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