Are OneyPlays Irish?

Why is it called OneyPlays?

As the channel's name implies, Chris plays video games and invites his pals (whom we lovingly call the Funny Boys) over to OneyPlays HQ to watch and joke around and overall have a great time. The channel's fanbase is known as OneyPlays Nation.

Who runs OneyPlays?

Christopher Luke "Chris" O'Neill (born: November 21, 1990 (1990-11-21) [age 31]), better known online as OneyPlays (also known as OneyNG and Oney), is an Irish YouTuber, animator, gamer, music producer, and game developer.

Did OneyPlays work on smiling friends?

He and Michael Cusack are co-creators of the Adult Swim animated series Smiling Friends. He is also known for his Internet animations and for being a co-host of Let's Play web series OneyPlays.

Is Oney bald?

Now, he has a permanent bald spot. His power derives from the ability to put a suction cup on his bald spot. He climbed Trump Tower in the early 2000s using his bald spot and family-inherited prolapse. He played several Johnny Cash songs on a guitar while climbing (inspiring young Chris to pursue music in the future).

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