Did Eraserhead disband?

Why did Eraserheads break up?

Break-up. After weeks of speculation, it was confirmed that the main songwriter and lead singer, Ely Buendia, had left the band in mid-March 2002 for "reasons unknown". However, in subsequent interviews, Buendia pointed to business matters as the cause of the band's break-up.

Who is the vocalist of Eraserheads?

Ely Eleandre Basiño Buendia (born November 2, 1970), popularly known as Ely Buendia, is a Filipino musician, author and film director who gained fame as the guitarist, lead vocalist and principal songwriter of the famed Filipino rock band, the Eraserheads and also the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist of Pupil.

How many students has Aizawa expelled?

He has expelled 154 students. At most he could expel 20 a year which would be roughly 8 years.

Is Aizawa's friend still alive?

So there was a brief bit of hope that Shirakumo potentially survived the villain's attack all those years ago, but the latest chapter of the series put that hope to its tragic rest as it was confirmed that Shirakumo is most definitely dead in a pretty gruesome matter.Dec 17, 2019

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