Did Jadakiss streams go up?

How much is Jadakiss net worth?

As of October 2022, Jadakiss' net worth is approximately $6 Million. What is this? Jason Terrance Phillips, better known as Jadakiss, is an American rapper from Yonkers.Oct 8, 2022

How many streams does Big Sean have?

Big Sean pulled in 88.8 million song streams, with the bulk of that coming from Detroit 2's 80.6 million song streams. That, combined with 30,300 album sales, helped the rapper's latest LP move 97,400 album-equivalent units.Sep 15, 2020

How many records has Jadakiss sold?

JADAKISS sold over 1,000,000 albums, including 1,000,000 in the United States. The best-selling album by JADAKISS is KISS OF DEATH, which sold over 500,000 copies .

image-Did Jadakiss streams go up?
image-Did Jadakiss streams go up?
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