Did Nazareth write Love Hurts?

Did Roy Orbison Love Hurts Song?

"Love Hurts" by Roy Orbison. "Love Hurts" is song #3 on the "Crying" album from 1962.

Why does love hurt so much?

Feeling 'in emotional pain' isn't just you being dramatic. Researchers have discovered that your brain processes emotional upset with the same brain circuitry that processes physical injury. Social psychologist Naomi Eisenberger calls this 'the physical-social pain overlap'.Jun 23, 2020

What Love Hurts mean?

Anyone who has experienced unrequited, or unreturned, love knows that it can hurt like nothing else. To love someone who does not love you back can be difficult -- even painful.Feb 9, 2019

image-Did Nazareth write Love Hurts?
image-Did Nazareth write Love Hurts?
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