Did Neil Patrick Harris sing in Glee?

Who sang the high note in Dream On Glee?

Neil Patrick Harris is a natural-born performer, so it makes perfect sense his “Dream On” duet with Matthew Morrison is one of Glee's best.Dec 3, 2019

Are Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris friends?

Matthew Morrison - Flashback, on stage with my good friend Neil Patrick Harris! Can you guess what song we're performing? | Facebook.

What was the first song sung in Glee?

Season One. Mckinley, Hey! Mckinley, Hey! is the first original song in the show, written by Mercedes Jones. She sings it in a audition for the Cheerios, but is rejected by Sue.

Who is Adam in Glee?

Adam Crawford is a recurring character on the fourth season of Glee. He is the lead of NYADA's glee club, the Adam's Apples. He makes his first appearance in Sadie Hawkins, the eleventh episode of season four. He is portrayed by Oliver Kieran-Jones.

Who played Russell in Glee?

Russell Fabray is the father of Quinn Fabray. He was married to Judy Fabray, with whom he has two daughters. He is kicked out of the house by Judy because he had an affair with a "tattooed freak." He is portrayed by Gregg Henry.

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image-Did Neil Patrick Harris sing in Glee?
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