Did stillmatic go platinum?

Is stillmatic a classic?

But most importantly, Stillmatic sparked a creative renaissance, beginning a run that would culminate in the 2006 swan song Hip-Hop Is Dead — an era that many Nas fans still consider his most fruitful period to this day. It's safe to say the album has become a canonical classic.Dec 18, 2019

How Many Mics did stillmatic get?

Stillmatic – Nas. In my intro I spoke to the difficulty of really seeing a moment, being able to see through the noise and smoke and properly contextualize an album, separating quality from hype. 5 mics for Stillmatic was one of those moments where The Source was unable to do that.Sep 29, 2020

How old was Nas when he dropped Illmatic?

Only 20 years old when the album was released by Columbia Records, Nas had wisdom beyond his years on Earth.Apr 19, 2019

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image-Did stillmatic go platinum?
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