Does Esperanza Spalding speak Spanish?

Does Esperanza Spalding speak Portuguese?

Artistry. Spalding has an interest in the music of other cultures, including that of Brazil, where she once spent a month learning Portuguese. She has said that the melody and language of songs in Portuguese are inextricably connected. She sings in several languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

How good is Esperanza Spalding?

Esperanza truly is one of the most genius musicians of our generation, even outside of jazz. Despite the avant-garde nature of the ideas, her authenticity makes this approachable for just about anyone Formwela 10 is one of her greatest work, as she proves once again that she is a force that is ever-growing.Sep 30, 2021

Is Esperanza a Spalding jazz?

Esperanza Spalding, (born October 18, 1984, Portland, Oregon, U.S.), American bassist, singer, and composer whose precocious talent and musical adventurousness brought her considerable success both within and beyond the world of jazz.Aug 31, 2022

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