Does MGK have a ghostwriter?

What song did Eminem write about Machine Gun Kelly?

"Killshot" is a diss track by American rapper Eminem and produced by IllaDaProducer. The song is Eminem's response to Machine Gun Kelly's song "Rap Devil" that was released in 2018. Eminem had previously dissed MGK in his song "Not Alike" from his tenth studio album Kamikaze.

What inspired Rap Devil?

The pair have exchanged many blows over the last year, but now Kelly has spoken of the origins of 'Rap Devil' on the Everyday Struggle podcast – revealing that he came up with the verses after hearing 'Kamikaze' while on a night out last August.Jul 31, 2019

Did Rap God or Rap Devil come first?

Three days later, MGK dropped a song and music video titled, “Rap Devil,” a play on Eminem's 2013 hit “Rap God.” In this track, Kelly holds back nothing in his exposure of the Rap God himself.Sep 13, 2018

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image-Does MGK have a ghostwriter?
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