Does NBA 2K22 add new music?

How many songs does NBA 2K22 have?

NBA 2K22 Soundtrack: Listen to the Spotify Playlist now!

Since originally being released on Septemeber 10, 2021, the NBA 2K22 Soundtrack has grown to a total of 90 songs!
May 18, 2022

How do I get my music on 2K22?

As set forth below, your Song will be judged to be considered for inclusion in the soundtrack for 2K's NBA 2K22 video game (the “Game”). To enter, go to the Contest landing page, located at [], and complete the submission form.

What is the dubstep song in 2K22?

On the game NBA2k22 you can hear their track We Need Heroes, in all it's dubstep rap glory. We love seeing our students succeed so we reached out to Shrike to ask him if he would share his experience, and he obliged.Dec 7, 2021

How do you get your song on 2K23?

Ronnie 2K 2K23 on Twitter: "@WaltGully To submit music for future soundtracks, email [email protected]. Use YouSendIt, submission obv doesn't guarantee use" / Twitter.

Who made 2K22 soundtrack?

‎NBA 2k22 Soundtrack by B. Davies on Apple Music.

image-Does NBA 2K22 add new music?
image-Does NBA 2K22 add new music?
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