How do I move the ship in Divinity 2?

How do you open the door on the boat in Divinity 2?

Continue exploring the boat and you'll find a door with a skull on it. The key is to the right of the door, on the lowered path. You need to move a water barrel into the fire, then loot the body to find the key. Beyond the door will be Deathfog and a few bodies you can carefully loot for coin.Sep 14, 2017

Where is Sebille in the ship?

Sebille is in the lowest zone of the ship, sitting by some cages on the upper walkway. If Sebille is not in your party before fighting Dallis on Lady Vengeance, she will die and can no longer be recruited.Jul 31, 2022

Can you beat Dallis on the ship?

The easiest way to kill her on the ship is probably teleporting her into the middle of the dead seekers, then using mass corpse explosion. If you can set it up with living on the edge and any other buffs, she'll go down from that alone.Jan 8, 2020

How many acts are there in dos2?

how many acts are there? There are three.Sep 19, 2017

image-How do I move the ship in Divinity 2?
image-How do I move the ship in Divinity 2?
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