How many JRE episodes were deleted?

Why are there no new Joe Rogan episodes?

Since controversy erupted over the spread of Covid-19 misinformation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, no new episodes have been uploaded to Spotify. On Monday, the popular host released a video apology via the platform and on his own Instagram page, but the last episode to go live was on 27 January.Feb 3, 2022

Is JRE gone?

Spotify: Joe Rogan / Wikimedia Commons Spotify's CEO has said the platform won't be removing the JRE podcast. With this vast amount of money invested in the show, and the CEO's previous comments defending Rogan, the show being outright removed wasn't very likely, but still caused concern among fans.Feb 18, 2022

Why is Spotify removing JRE episodes?

Spotify says Joe Rogan removed podcast episodes amid controversy over racial slur. Some 70 episodes of Joe Rogan's podcast were removed from Spotify as musicians protest the streaming service for allowing the controversial podcaster to amplify falsehoods about the coronavirus and object to his use of a racial slur.Feb 6, 2022

What Joe Rogan episodes aren t on Spotify?

Two of these missing episodes are still available on the official JRE YouTube channel: JRE #1436 – Adam Curry and JRE #1516 – Post Malone. According to Spotify, the latest episode removals were temporary and due to a 'technical issue'. These episodes were restored on May 26, 2022.May 26, 2022

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