How many streams did light switch get?

How many Spotify streams does light switch have?

Launched last Thursday, January 20th, “Light Swith” has already accumulated 11,280 million plays so far, ranking 21st in Spotify's Global Top 50 and 19th in the US Top 50 on the same platform.Jan 25, 2022

Has Charlie Puth dropped light switch?

After months of teasing his newest song “Light Switch,” Puth has officially dropped the single on all major streaming platforms in addition to an accompanying music video. Puth wrote the single with longtime collaborators Jake Torrey and JKash to be an uptempo, synth-filled groove.Jan 21, 2022

What is Charlie Puth biggest hit?

#1 – See You Again. Charlie Puth released a Furious 7 soundtrack in April of 2015 that included the hit song “see you again.” He wrote the lyrics to this song together with Wiz Khalifa as a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident.

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