Is Disturbed a religious band?

Why did Disturbed cover the sound of silence?

According to NPR, Disturbed's drummer, Mike Wengren, had the idea for his band to cover “The Sound of Silence.” Lead singer David Draiman said Wengren's idea came from his childhood. “It had been something that his family had played in the background when it was time to do chores at home,” he revealed.Jul 29, 2021

What is the sound of silence called?

Although we have known of infrasound since the late 1800s, the modern era of infrasound began with the advent of the nuclear age. This is because atmospheric explosions of nuclear weapons generate infrasonic waves with large amplitudes, offering a way to monitor nuclear proliferation.Aug 2, 2006

What did Paul Simon think of Disturbed?

What Paul Simon thought of Disturbed's cover. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Disturbed performed the cover on Conan. Simon sent Draiman an e-mail praising the cover. “Really powerful performance on Conan the other day,” Simon wrote.Jul 29, 2021

Why was Disturbed concert Cancelled?

The band continued, “Unfortunately, as the tour takes us to different cities and states with a variety of unclear restrictions, it becomes unfeasible to move forward. We felt waiting any longer and canceling last minute, especially after you all have waited this long, would be unfair.Mar 14, 2021

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