Is in the red clay podcast true?

Where can I listen to in the red clay podcast?

In the Red Clay | Podcast on Spotify.

Is Billy Sunday Birt alive?

Billy Sunday Birt died in 2017 while serving a life sentence for three murders committed in the 1970s.Feb 9, 2022

How many episodes of red clay are there?

IN THE RED CLAY is a 12-episode podcast series from Imperative Entertainment detailing the incredible, never-before-heard true story of Billy Sunday Birt. Find out why law enforcement called him "the most dangerous man in Georgia history," and for good reason.

What town was in the red clay?

Despite his crimes being well-known in the tiny town of Winder, Georgia, the less than 14,000 people who inhabited the area knew that to witness one of his crimes meant your imminent disappearance.

image-Is in the red clay podcast true?
image-Is in the red clay podcast true?
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