Is it correct to say I never did?

What does never did mean?

Never did means he's never done it before. Neved does means he doesn't do so, out of practice or habit.May 24, 2012

Is it I never or I have never?

You are referring to one specific instance, so it would be more natural to say "I never said this." If you were referring to a number of cases, it would be natural to say "I have never said anything like this," or "I have never said anything of the sort." Save this answer. Show activity on this post.Mar 8, 2011

Is it never had or never have?

Never had implies that you may have it or do it now, or at least leaves it unclear. Never have means you do not do or have it, now or ever.

How do you use never in a sentence?

Examples of never in a Sentence

I will never shop at that store again. I have never seen that happen before. That man has never heard of you. We will never forget what we saw.

image-Is it correct to say I never did?
image-Is it correct to say I never did?
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