Is it healthy not to shave?

Why you should stop shaving?

You're less vulnerable to skin infections.

Since pubic hair acts as a sort of shield for your genitals which are, you know, pretty exposed, the little cuts and tears from shaving leave you susceptible to infections like streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, and MRSA, according to Cosmopolitan.
May 24, 2018

What happens if you do not shave?

Shaving exfoliates by removing the dead cells every time the razor glides across the surface of the skin. Nazarian says that if you stop shaving, you will accumulate a layer of skin at the top of the epidermis, making it a little tougher for products like moisturizers to penetrate and be effective.May 15, 2020

Is it OK not to shave pubic hair?

Your pubic hair is "protective," says Metz, and you don't *need* to remove it. But of course, if you prefer to trim, shave, wax, or otherwise remove your pubic hair, that's totally fine.Jun 26, 2019

Why do feminists not shave?

Some feel as though it's a social construct that they wish to avoid, others simply feel more comfortable and authentic in their skin if they don't do it. But it's not a set formula--not everyone who doesn't shave is a feminist, and not everyone who is a feminist doesn't shave.Dec 14, 2015

Is body hair hygienic?

Legend that body hair is unhygienic is just that - legend. As long as your hygiene is up to scratch there's no case for or against growing your body hair besides personal preference.May 12, 2017

image-Is it healthy not to shave?
image-Is it healthy not to shave?
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