Is J Cole really a Middle Child?

Who are the 3 heads in Middle Child video?

Kanye West and Jay Z make cameos in J. Cole's latest video, “Middle Child” — but not in a way you'd expect. In the new clip, directed by Mez, the rapper showcases mounted heads of West and Hova, “your favourite rappers,” on the wall. Later, Cole is seen riding through a supermarket in a shopping cart.Feb 25, 2019

How many times did Middle Child go platinum?

Cole single “Middle Child” goes 5x Platinum.

What are middle child traits?

Characteristics of a Middle Child

They're good at being mediators and want fairness in situations. They're also trustworthy friends and work well as team members. Not as family-oriented as their siblings. They may have a stronger sense of not belonging than their siblings do.
Oct 25, 2021

Is the second oldest The middle child?

If you're the firstborn child, your birth order would be referred to as the oldest child. If you're the second born, you're a middle child—however, there can be multiple middle kids in a family. If you're the last sibling to be born, you're the youngest child or the baby of the bunch.Aug 19, 2021

image-Is J Cole really a Middle Child?
image-Is J Cole really a Middle Child?
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