Is Master of Puppets about war?

Is Master of Puppets a masterpiece?

The unrelenting 'Master Of Puppets' is Metallica's Thrash Metal masterpiece. On their third record, the already veterans of the Metal scene were all but 23-24 years old each.May 13, 2022

Why is Master of Puppets album so good?

Through passionate songwriting, Metallica became arguably the first metal band to move past the representation of chaos, destruction and/or epic battles into a more intimate and meaningful territory. That's why Master of Puppets is so beloved by fans. It tells the story of young people at war with themselves.Mar 29, 2018

Who played Master of Puppets in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn now has a Lollapalooza of a memory. The young star, who caused a sensation by having his Eddie Munson character breaking out a rendition of Metallica's “Master of Puppets” in the show's Season 4 finale, got to meet the band backstage at the Chicago music festival.Jul 30, 2022

image-Is Master of Puppets about war?
image-Is Master of Puppets about war?
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