Is mes amis feminine?

What does Ca ne va pas du tout?

ça (ne) va pas du tout : things aren't going well at all; that's no good at allaller, présent.

What is the meaning of Salut monsieur?

Translation of "Salut, Monsieur" in English. Salut. salvation hello. Monsieur. Mr sir.

What is the difference between mes amis and Mes Amies?

French translation: mes amis

If it's an all girl group, it's mes amies. However, in your English comment, you put my friend, singular.
Nov 10, 2002

What is the Cajun word for friend?

ami (n.m.) friend. amener (v.) to take (s.t. to another place). amoureux (adj.)Aug 11, 2005

Is it ma Amie or mon amie?

It is 'Mon Amie' and not 'Ma Amie'. As the word 'Amie' starts with a vowel 'A' we must use 'Mon' regardless of the gender.

image-Is mes amis feminine?
image-Is mes amis feminine?
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