Is Nightingale good monster legends?

How good is Moonhaze?

He is among the fastest Mythic deniers in the game with great stats. His main form of denial is Stun, his kit being diverse as to also allow him to Mega Stun and Possess single targets.

Is Svart good in monster legends?

His trait is great, featuring not only Torture Immunity but Cooldown Immunity to protect against CDA. To top it off, he has great speed and relic slots. However, his cooldowns and low life are what hold him back from being ranked higher.

Is froma good monster legends?

Froma is a very good Magic Support Original Mythic who has quite a lot of Supportive abilities up her sleeves. She can NER, PER, Trait Disable, Regen HP and Stamina, and even give her whole team Evasion.

Will nightingale be free?

Finally, because Nightingale is free of the Medium paywall, we are also free to find and collaborate with Sponsors.Jun 14, 2021

Can you play nightingale solo?

Yes. You can play Nightingale solo or with friends.

image-Is Nightingale good monster legends?
image-Is Nightingale good monster legends?
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