Is pandering on Spotify?

How did Bo Burnham get famous?

He became famous through his own blend of stand-up comedy and musical parody. After going viral, Burnham's raunchy and irreverent videos quickly garnered the attention of an agent in late 2007.Jul 10, 2022

What was Bo Burnham's first special?

Bo Burnham's first comedy special named Bo Burnham: Make Happy was just the beginning of the comedian's relationship with Netflix. His second Netflix variety special Bo Burnham: Inside, released in May 2021, was met with praise from critics and audience members.May 31, 2022

Is Bo Burnham make happy on Apple music?

The songs are also unlikely to release on those platforms any time soon. Burnham's previous Netflix special, Make Happy, is still not available as a separate album on Spotify or iTunes, since Netflix has the exclusive distribution rights.Jun 1, 2021

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