Is Surfaces making a new album 2022?

Are Surfaces brothers?

Surfaces are a Texas based band made up of brother and sister Colin and Alexa Padalecki and Forrest Frank.Sep 30, 2018

Is Surfaces releasing a new album?

Scheduled to drop Friday, August 26th 2022 the record promises to be the duos “biggest and boldest project yet”, and features the singles 'What's Been On Your Mind?Jul 30, 2022

What happened to the group surface?

Jackson and Townsend left in 1994, and the group disbanded. In 1998, the group reformed and released Love Zone and a few years later announced a return to live appearances with Conley, Jackson, Townsend and Collins only to be cancelled when Townsend was found dead at his home.

Are Surfaces good live?

The Surfaces show was ultimately a great experience which gave fans an intimate look into the band's personality whilst treating them to great live renditions of some of their best songs.Mar 16, 2020

image-Is Surfaces making a new album 2022?
image-Is Surfaces making a new album 2022?
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