Is the BTS coffee good?

Who makes BTS coffee?

The Brand of BTS Coffee is HY; it is a Korean Company which manufactures many products in Korea such as Coffee, mixed grain powder, seasoned seaweed etc.Jan 28, 2022

Does the BTS coffee have caffeine?

These instant cold brew coffee drinks feature these handsome stars in stylish art nouveau bottles. Best Served Cold - This richly-flavored brew will leave you feeling refreshed all day long without overloading your system with caffeine.

Does BTS drink coffee?

Suga often shares his love for coffee

Even the other members of this group know how much Suga loves the drink. According to Koreaboo, when RM asked the members to raise their hands if they wanted coffee, Suga didn't raise his hand. The leader of the group still counted Suga, knowing how much the rapper loves coffee.
Mar 8, 2021

How much does BTS coffee cost?

₹220.00 FREE Delivery.

What food does BTS like?

Meat is something BTS cannot live without. None of their meals are complete if it doesn't include at least one meat dish. Galbi or ribs is a must-have for SUGA, especially pork or beef ribs. During In the Soop 2, the members even decided to open a Dak Galbi (chicken rib) restaurant together.Jun 11, 2022

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