Is The Carter 3 platinum?

Was the Carter 3 leaked?

The five songs on the EP were recorded by Lil Wayne during Tha Carter III sessions. The songs were ultimately leaked online by an unknown source, Wayne later compiled the songs and called the project The Leak. Lil Wayne decided to put out The Leak for his fans, so that they could have CD-quality versions of the songs.

Did Kanye produce the Carter 3?

The retail version of Lil Wayne's album, Tha Carter III, was released 11 years ago today. After multiple leaks, the final form of the project features two beats produced by Kanye West.Jun 10, 2019

Did Lil Wayne write the Carter 3?

Released on June 10th 2008 by Cash Money and Universal Motown Record labels “The Carter III” is the sixth studio album by American, Southern rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actor Lil Wayne and has over 25 producers and even more co-writers.Jan 22, 2020

image-Is The Carter 3 platinum?
image-Is The Carter 3 platinum?
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