Is WEKI Meki still active?

What is the fandom name of WEKI Meki?

Ki-Ling (Hangul: 키-링; Japanese: キーリング Ki-Ringu) is the official fandom name for Weki Meki. It was announced on the group's first anniversary, August 8, 2018, along with its official colors, cherry tomato and vibrant yellow.

How many songs does WEKI Meki have?

It consists of five songs, including the title track "Oopsy" and the previously released single "Dazzle Dazzle".

Why is WEKI called WEKI Meki?

Fantagio states that in one meaning of the name “Weki Meki,” “MeKi” refers to eight unique girls who each hold keys that identify one another and “WeKi” refers to the girls as a group once they meet and come to possess another key that opens a new world.Jul 5, 2017

image-Is WEKI Meki still active?
image-Is WEKI Meki still active?
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