Was Gina Carano on Joe Rogan?

When was Gina Carano on Joe Rogan?

28 Jun · The Joe Rogan Experience.Oct 7, 2022

Why was Gina Carano dubbed?

when she explained why director Steven Soderbergh felt he needed to do some "altering and mixing" to her voice. Long story short -- Carano says Soderbergh wanted people to believe that Gina and her character are "two completely different entities" ... and felt the vocal change would help.Jan 12, 2012

Is Gina Carano still married?

Gina is indeed not married now, but she does have a boyfriend named Kevin Ross. Gina attributes her long-term boyfriend, The Soul Assassin, to a fruitful mixed martial arts career. Kevin Ross is actually an American Muay Thai boxer who has won numerous titles over the course of his 18-year career.Jun 12, 2022

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image-Was Gina Carano on Joe Rogan?
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