What are bubbles in the ocean?

How do bubbles affect the ocean?

First, bubbles strongly affect ocean acoustics because air is so much more compressible than water – they generate sound when they form and scatter sound afterwards. Second, bubbles change the colour and transparency of the ocean because they scatter light.Nov 6, 2017

Are there bubbles under the sea?

Microbubbles range in diameter from about 20 to 200 microns. These bubbles are created by breaking waves and by raindrops falling into the sea. Unlike larger bubbles, which quickly rise to the surface, microbubbles can remain virtually suspended in water at depths as great as 300 feet.Dec 11, 1990

What causes underwater bubbles?

If the atmospheric pressure happens to be falling as the water warms, the equilibrium between gas molecules leaving and joining the air/water interface becomes unbalanced and tips in favor of them leaving the water, which causes even more gas to come out of solution. Hence bubbles along the insides of your water glass.Feb 6, 2006

image-What are bubbles in the ocean?
image-What are bubbles in the ocean?
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