What did Johnny Ventura died of?

How old was Johnny Ventura when he died?

Personal life and legacy

On 28 March 2020, Ventura announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 during the COVID-19 pandemic and was hospitalized. On 13 April 2020, he announced he had recovered and had tested negative for the coronavirus. Ventura died from a heart attack on July 28, 2021, at the age of 81.

What is Johnny Ventura known for?

Johnny Ventura, the singer, bandleader, composer and arranger who shaped the sound of modern merengue in the 1960s, keeping its tropical rhythms while speeding up the tempos and borrowing from rock 'n' roll, died on July 28 in Santiago, the Dominican Republic. He was 81.Jul 29, 2021

Where did Johnny Ventura died?

Dominican merengue legend Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano, also known as Johnny Ventura, died Wednesday at the age of 81, his son Jandy Ventura confirmed to CNN. The singer-songwriter died of a heart attack at the Medical Union Clinic in the northern city of Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, according to his son.Jul 29, 2021

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