What did Leslie Uggams do?

Can Leslie Uggams sing?

Leslie Uggams is a Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress and singer whose career has brought her from Harlem (The Apollo Theater) to Broadway (Hallelujah, Baby!), the big screen (Deadpool, Skyjacked) to television (Empire, The Leslie Uggams Show).

Who is Leslie Uggams husband?

Personal life. Uggams has been married to her longtime manager Grahame Pratt since 1965, at the time a rare high-profile interracial marriage. “It was not as hard as I expected it to be,” Uggams says. “I think the reason is that Grahame was not an American white man.

Who is the old black lady in Deadpool?

No, it's not star Ryan Reynolds, although he is perfectly cast; it's prolific, award-winning actress Leslie Uggams, who plays Deadpool's no-nonsense elderly roommate, Blind Al. Uggams' entertainment career spans six decades, countless stages and screens.Feb 18, 2016

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image-What did Leslie Uggams do?
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