What does Bohhe mean in Russian?

What is the meaning of Spasibo?

Russian "Spasibo" comes from the saying "Spasi bog" which means "God save you" This is one of the most useful words to learn. Say it often and make the locals happy! It's easy to remember how to say "thanks a lot' and be even more polite.

What does Boujee mean in Russian?

"bougie" in Russian

volume_up. bougie {noun} RU. volume_up. восковая свеча

What does Dvina mean in Russian?

Dvina. / (Russian dviˈna) / noun. Northern Dvina a river in NW Russia, formed by the confluence of the Sukhona and Yug Rivers and flowing northwest to Dvina Bay in the White Sea.

What does Moskal mean in Russian?

Moskal is an ethnic slur (formerly neutral term) that means "Russian", literally "Muscovite", in Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish and Belarusian.

image-What does Bohhe mean in Russian?
image-What does Bohhe mean in Russian?
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