What does KRS-One think of Eminem?

How did KRS-One influence hip hop?

In the 1990s as hip-hop grew more and more commercialized and corporate, it was KRS-One that openly rejected such cultural exploitation and materialism grounding Hip Hop in its original principles of peace, love, unity and safely having fun.

What does KRS stand for rapper?

Lawrence "Kris" Parker (born August 20, 1965), better known by his stage names KRS-One (/ˌkeɪ ɑːr ɛs ˈwʌn/; an abbreviation of "Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone") and Teacha, is an American rapper, lyricist and occasional producer from New York.

What did KRS-One rap about?

Boogie Down Productions

In the summer of 1984, KRS-One hit the music scene with a rap group called "Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three" with a record called "Advance". In a time when most rappers rhymed about cars, jewelry, alcohol, and the latest dance, KRS-One was rhyming about nuclear war prevention.

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