What does nut in slang mean?

What does nut to but mean?

DEFINITIONS1. crowded very closely together. The venue was packed nuts to butts with an excitable young crowd. Synonyms and related words. Full of people or things.

What is the Nutting?

Meaning of nutting in English

to hit someone or something with your head: The guy turned round and nutted him. Hitting and beating. at-risk. bang someone up.
Oct 12, 2022

Are balls called nuts?

One testicle is called a testis. There are other more casual names for testicles that you might hear or even use yourself, including “balls,” “nuts” and “cojones.”Aug 9, 2022

What does nuts mean in America?

Definition of nuts

1 informal : enthusiastic, keen nuts for animals and children— Rick Reilly. 2 informal : insane, crazy said that it was a novel and all the people who said otherwise were nuts— Flannery O'Connor.
Aug 25, 2022

What does Ajaculated mean?

1 : to eject from a living body specifically : to eject (semen) in orgasm. intransitive verb. : to eject a fluid (as semen)

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