What does remeo mean?

What is remeo gelato?


Crafted in Italy with only natural ingredients, this authentic Gelato is made with a slow-churn mantecazione process that uses less air, and little cream. This is why Remeo Gelato is naturally lower in fat and calories and has a smoother texture than regular ice-cream.

Who owns Remeo Gelato?

Jacopo Cordero di Vonzo - Founder & CEO - REMEO GELATO | LinkedIn.

What is Gelotti?

Gelato is a freshly-made, Italian style of ice-cream. It originated in Italy and it traces its origins back to the earliest of civilizations. During the Renaissance, it was further developed and improved by modern technology yet it remains deeply rooted in Italy's rich culinary tradition.

Is Romeo a Mexican name?

Romeo is an Italian masculine given name. It arose from the Greek Ρομαιος for a Roman citizen or a pilgrim to Rome.

Is Juliet Italian name?

Juliet is the anglicized form of the French name Juliette or the Italian Giulietta. It was first used by the English playwright William Shakespeare in his 1596 well-known tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Juliet and her similar sounding sisters all descend from the Latin Julia (from the old Roman family name Julius).

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image-What does remeo mean?
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