What does Trip Lee suffer from?

Does Trip Lee have health problems?

Doctors initially didn't know what was wrong either, though. One eventually diagnosed Trip Lee with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), an incurable, untreatable disorder that does what its name suggests — exhausts.Oct 28, 2014

What religion is Trip Lee?

William Lee Barefield III (born December 17, 1987), better known by his stage name Trip Lee, is an American Christian rapper and singer. Signed to Reach Records, he has recorded both as a solo artist and as a founding member of the 116 Clique.

Is Trip Lee still a pastor?

Lee said he's thankful for the opportunities he's had to serve as a pastor, adding: "I love the Church." "For many years, it was me trying to pastor in this season," he said. "I'm actually not pastoring anymore.Dec 13, 2021

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