What ethnicity is Nahko?

What ethnicity is Nahko?

Nahko Bear

Born in Portland, Oregon, of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent, he was adopted at a young age and raised by a white family.

Is Nahko Native American?

Nahko, an Oregon native born a mix of Puerto Rican, Native American, and Filipino bloodlines, considers himself a citizen in service to the planet.

What kind of music is Nahko and Medicine for the People?

A global fusion of rhythmic soul, R&B, folk, rock, and hip-hop, Nahko and Medicine for the People emerged in the beginning of the 2010s, led by charismatic frontman Nahko Bear, a sixth-generation Apache/Mohawk with a Puerto Rican/Indian mother and a Filipino father.

What kind of Indian is Nahko?

Nahko, of Puerto Rican, Filipino, Mohawk and Apache descent, grew up in a white household in Oregon. In his late teens and early 20s, he wrote music as he traveled the country.Nov 3, 2017

What does the name Nahko mean?

For his debut solo record My Name is Bear, he embraces the translation of his given name “Nahko,” which means bear.Oct 20, 2017

Where does the name Nahko come from?

A sixth-generation Apache, he took on the moniker of Nahko—a play on his middle name, Nahkohe-ese, which translates to Little Bear—as a way of reclaiming his roots, and in his late teens and twenties, he began traveling the country, spending stints living as far afield as Hawaii and Alaska as he wrestled with identity, ...

What did Nahko get accused of?

6,059 have signed. Let's get to 7,500!

What is going on with Nahko?

Nahko And Medicine For The People Tour Canceled Following Online Backlash. A planned tour by Nahko And Medicine For The People has been canceled as the embattled frontman continues to suffer the fallout from a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations made against him last year.Jun 12, 2021

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