What happened to Le Chaperon Rouge?

What is Le Chaperon Rouge?

Independence, OH 44131. Tel: (216) 525-0760. Le Chaperon Rouge is a quality pre-school for children whose parents wish to instill an appreciation and enjoyment of learning. It takes a team effort to help a child develop social skills, confidence, attitudes, and the desire to learn.

Who wrote Le Petit Chaperon Rouge?

Charles Perrault | Le Petit Chaperon Rouge | The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Is Little Red Riding Hood French?

"Little Red Riding Hood" (or "Little Red Cap") is a French fairy tale for young children about a young girl and a wolf. The story comes from a folktale which means that it was a spoken story for a long time before it was a written story. It was first written down in the late 1600s, by Charles Perrault.

image-What happened to Le Chaperon Rouge?
image-What happened to Le Chaperon Rouge?
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