What happened to Sho Madjozi?

Is Sho Madjozi Swahili?

She is fluent in Swahili

“While traveling through the continent, I learnt different languages, so now I speak Swahili and French fluently.”
Jan 11, 2018

What race is Sho Madjozi?

Her mother is of African descent while her father is of European descent. After her parents divorced at an early age, she was mainly brought up by her mother. Madjozi has half-sisters from both her mother's and father's sides.

WHAT DID Sho Madjozi do?

Born on the 9th of May 1992, Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif, popularly known by her stage name Sho Madjozi is a prolific South African rapper, singer, songwriter, poet and Actor. She is famously known for her hit single “John Cena”, which saw her sing about the famous American rapper.Jan 21, 2022

image-What happened to Sho Madjozi?
image-What happened to Sho Madjozi?
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