What is al-Azhar known for?

Is al-Azhar Sunni or Shia?

During the Ottoman period, Al-Azhar's prestige and influence grew to the point of becoming the preeminent institution for Islamic learning in the Sunni Muslim world.

How old is al-Azhar?

It was founded by the Shiʿi (specifically, the Ismāʿīlī sect) Fatimids in 970 ce and was formally organized by 988.

Can non Muslims study at al-Azhar?

Eweida argued that law no. 103 for the year 1961, which sets the requirements of enrolling at al-Azhar University, stated that only Muslim graduates of al-Azhar high schools or those with university degrees can be enrolled in the Sunni university.Nov 2, 2008

image-What is al-Azhar known for?
image-What is al-Azhar known for?
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