What is case file podcast?

Why is the casefile host anonymous?

In an interview with in October 2016, the Casefile host said he wanted to remain anonymous so that he could “stay out of the story and “let the facts speak for themselves”. “I'm just a random Aussie guy, in my spare bedroom, running a podcast,” he said modestly.Feb 5, 2018

Who is the narrator of casefile podcast?

The narrator of Casefile: True Crime Podcast has remained anonymous. Each story is extensive in contextualising every event and moment in the case, with the victim's side of the story at the front.

What makes a killer podcast?

What Makes a Killer is a series that chronicles the lives and crimes of the world's most notorious killers. In every episode, host Jennifer Nittoso will trace a killer's origins, examine their behavior, and follow their path to bloodshed.

How do you write a case file?

A case file must begin with the defendant's full legal name. It is wise to include alias information, maiden and former names as well. Be sure to include any suffix or prefix and make certain of the correct spelling. Correct transcription of the defendant's name is very important in subsequent searches for the file.

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