What is Mendelssohn's most famous piece?

What is the last great piece Mendelssohn composed?

The Sixth Quartet was Mendelssohn's last major work, composed after his beloved sister Fanny - also a prodigiously talented composer - died in May 1847.May 4, 2009

Did Mendelssohn write Lieder?

Mendelssohn's most significant contribution to the solo piano literature rests in the approximately forty works -- about one quarter of the total number of works that he composed for that instrument -- that are designated as the Lieder ohne Worte, or "Songs without words." The composer is credited with codifying a ...

What is the name of Mendelssohn's most famous oratorio?

His oversight of sacred music led to performances of large choral works by Handel and Haydn and to an interest in trying an oratorio himself. The result, St. Paul (1836), proved immensely popular and established Mendelssohn firmly in the forefront of contemporary composers.

image-What is Mendelssohn's most famous piece?
image-What is Mendelssohn's most famous piece?
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