What is NF most famous song?

Has NF ever had a number 1?

1 On Artist 100 Chart, Thanks to 'The Search' Album Debut. NF flies from No. 73 to No.Aug 7, 2019

What is NF fastest song?

Paid My Dues is said to hit 9.2 syllables per second, at the time a personal best for rapper N F.

Did NF ever go platinum?

It's his first ever album to go Platinum, although two singles from the record, “Let You Down” and “Lie,” have reached Platinum status. You can buy the album for yourself and help it hit 2x Platinum below.Mar 4, 2019

Is NF white or black?

Undoubtedly, then, Chance the Rapper was surprised to learn that his new album, “The Big Day,” was bested by “The Search” by NF, a white rapper from Michigan who got his start in the world of Christian rap.Aug 7, 2019

image-What is NF most famous song?
image-What is NF most famous song?
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