What is Rick James known for?

When did Rick James come out?

In April 1978, James released his debut solo album, Come Get It!, which included the Stone City Band. The album launched the top 20 hit, "You and I", which became his first number-one R&B hit. The album also included the hit single, "Mary Jane".

How much was Rick James Worth at his peak?

American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer has an estimated net worth $35 million. In the late '70s, when the fortunes of Motown Records seemed to be flagging, Rick James came along and rescued the company, providing funky hits that updated the label's style and saw it through into the mid-'80s.

Who was Super Freak written about?

Written and executive produced by McKinnon, Super Freak (wt) is described as a funkadelic mix of music biopic and true crime. It chronicles Rick James' plans for a comeback in the early 1990s amidst a heated trial that threatened to destroy his legacy.Dec 16, 2020

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