What is Run-DMC's most famous song?

Did Run-DMC make a Christmas album?

After Bill—who was then the director of publicity for Rush Productions, which managed Run-DMC—gave the band the idea for "Christmas in Hollis," they changed their minds and agreed to be on the album.

What city does Run-DMC celebrate Christmas?

' Once they decided to write the song, Run-DMC decided they were going to combine the fantasy and mysticism that comes with the holiday with real life experiences, detailing past Christmas' spent with their families in their hometown of Hollis, Queens.Nov 25, 2019

When did Run-DMC release Christmas in Hollis?

Run-D.M.C. claim the next slot. By 1987, the year Run-D.M.C. released the single “Christmas in Hollis” on two different holiday compilations, they were undeniably superstars—with gold records, multi-million dollar endorsements, and even a Live Aid appearance to their credit.Dec 15, 2011

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