What is Soundgarden's biggest song?

What did Chris Cornell mean by Black Hole Sun?

Of the meaning behind the song's lyrics, Cornell has said, “It's just sort of a surreal dreamscape, a weird, play-with-the-title kind of song. Cornell added, “lyrically it's probably the closest to me just playing with words for words' sake, of anything I've written.Jun 28, 2022

What was Soundgarden's first hit song?

Soundgarden signed to Sub Pop, and the label released "Hunted Down" in 1987 as the band's first single.

Is Soundgarden the best grunge band?

' There's no doubt Soundgarden deserves their upper echelon ranking in the Top 10 Grunge Bands list.Sep 28, 2012

What is Silverchair's most famous song?

Straight Lines

When Young Modern arrived, Silverchair were a band in name only. This stunning lead single, which crashed into No 1 and became their most successful song to date, was co-written with The Presets' Julian Hamilton, who has writing credits on four of the album's 11 songs.
Apr 18, 2022

image-What is Soundgarden's biggest song?
image-What is Soundgarden's biggest song?
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