What is the Hunter x Hunter outro called?

Why Hunter x Hunter is discontinued?

Togashi's long hiatus can be partially explained by his longstanding health issues — including back pain so bad he became bedridden — which are detailed in a series of Hunter x Hunter author's notes.May 24, 2022

Whats the song that plays in Hunter x Hunter?

The song is "JUST AWAKE" from "FEAR, and Loathing in Las Vegas".

How many Ed does Hunter x Hunter have?

The original anime would run for a few years and conclude with 62 episodes. An additional 30 episodes would be created and released as OVA's. In 2011, another series would be created that would last for 148 episodes.Aug 5, 2022

Do you say the X in Hunter?

As in, the "×" is indeed silent. So, while the multiplication sign could work in favor of the "Hunter by Hunter" or "Hunter times Hunter" pronunciations, the most likely option is actually "Hunter Hunter."May 1, 2020

How is Hunter x Hunter pronounced?

Most often, it is either pronounced as Hunter-Hunter like a math equation or as Hunter ex Hunter. However, only one of these is technically correct. Hunter x Hunter is meant to run together just like a multiplication equation.Jul 9, 2020

image-What is the Hunter x Hunter outro called?
image-What is the Hunter x Hunter outro called?
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