What is the story behind Barbara Allen?

What kind of poem is Barbara Allen?

“Barbara Allan” is a traditional ballad that originated in Scotland. The first written reference to it occurred in 1666 in The Diary of Samuel Pepys, where Pepys praises it after watching a stage performance sung by an actress.

Who played Barbara Allen on the office?

"The Office" Product Recall (TV Episode 2007) - Lisa Darr as Barbara Allen - IMDb.

What did Barbara do to Sir John Graeme?

Sir John Graeme falls in love with Barbara Allan and then when she denies him his love and life leaves him. She is consumed by guilt by not being able to see past his one mistake and decides to give her life in sacrifice, feeling it her duty to her lost love for being so unreasonable.

What is the tone of Barbara Allen?

Within the ballad "Barbara Allan", the tone of Humor/Petty is used. With Barbara Allan being mad/petty at the fact that John didn't toast to her specifically, and then committing suicide the day after his death, shows the humor in the ballad, and the pettiness she displays.

image-What is the story behind Barbara Allen?
image-What is the story behind Barbara Allen?
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