What is Wesley Music?

How do I view a Webcast?

To see the webcast, all you have to do is plug in your computer to the screen or projector. Usually this is done using a VGA cable but more recently DVI or HDMI have become popular. Then just browse to the webcast page and make sure this is seen on the screen.

What keyboard did Wesley Willis use?

Willis uses a Technics KN-2000 keyboard straight out of 1989, and programs slight deviations in tempo and melody. He also has the same preset rhythm (country rock 8) for every song.Apr 10, 2003

What is Wesley media?

Wesley Media are the leading UK provider of highly specialised music and media services to ceremony venues. Specialising in music (including hymns), visual tributes, webcasts and recordings, we liaise directly with event organisers, family members and venues to create perfect, personalised services.

image-What is Wesley Music?
image-What is Wesley Music?
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