What kind of music is read Southall band?

Who is in read Southall band?

A former band member, John Tyler Perry, has recently also rejoined the group, making it a six- piece: Southall, Perry, Reid Barber, Jeremee Knipp, Braxton Curliss and Ryan Wellman, who provides some blistering guitar work.

What town is read Southall from?

My name is Read Southall. I grew up in Humphreys, OK. My sister, Caitlyn and I grew up rurally as my father (Brent) was a farmer and my mother (Debra) was a stay at home mother. I graduated in 2010 from Altus High School in SW Oklahoma and attended college in Stillwater, OK.Dec 2, 2018

How did Whiskey Myers start?

Hailing from the East Texas town of Palestine, Whiskey Myers first formed when friends Cody Cannon (lead vocalist/guitarist) and John Jeffers (guitarist) began jamming with fellow guitarist Cody Tate. They soon started gigging under the name Lucky Southern.

Is read Southall band Red Dirt?

With his Read Southall Band, the singer, songwriter and guitarist in the past few years has emerged as a next-generation standard-bearer for Stillwater's influential red dirt music scene, following in the sonic footsteps of the Red Dirt Rangers, Mike McClure and The Great Divide, Ragweed, the late Brandon Jenkins and ...Aug 2, 2019

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