What Kinks song did Van Halen remake?

How many No 1 did the Kinks have?

The Kinks enjoyed three UK Official Singles Chart Number 1s, the first with their debut hit You Really Got Me in 1964, and a string of acclaimed and influential hit albums such as 1968's The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.

What is the hardest Van Halen song to play on guitar?

“Eruption” by Van Halen, A Difficult Guitar Song

“Eruption,” though, still stands as one of the most difficult to replicate. Many have emulated, few have come close to playing every note exactly as Eddie played it.
Dec 13, 2021

Why did Eddie Van Halen boil his strings?

The process would clean the sweat and grime from the wound strings and that's about it. Boiling new strings will not stretch them out and boiling old strings will not miraculously rejuvenate them. Eddie was probably stoned when he said that.

Did The Kinks invent distortion?

“You Really Got Me” brought distorted guitar to the masses. It's the genesis of all things hard and heavy in rock. And, as the legend goes, it was an act of aggression from Kinks guitarist Dave Davis that created the sound and started an amplifier revolution in the process.Aug 6, 2020

When were The Kinks banned in America?

That was the last straw; the Federation banned the Kinks from performing in the United States for a period of 4 years, 1965 – 1969. Although the Federation never actually gave a reason for this ban – it didn't actually matter.

Did The Kinks Meet the Beatles?

The relationship between The Beatles and The Kinks is a peculiar one. Remarkably, the two bands only played a handful of shows together, but these meetings proved to be instrumental in the latter's growth. Although they were never close associates, there was an undeniable mutual appreciation between the two acts.Dec 17, 2021

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